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Welcome to Kevi's Studio!

Hi! My name is Kevin Mulholland, but you can call me Kevi.

After many years of being away from the piano, and, after an injury took off the end of my right thumb, I decided to return to my first love… that is, of playing the piano. In fact, I decided to enter an international piano competition!

2021 what it is, the competition has (at this moment) been postponed indefinitely.

In need of a new goal, I decided that I would

play through as much of the solo piano repertoire in the public domain as I could through the rest of my life.

Everyday I play through both new and old pieces, and select a lullaby – Kevi’s Lullaby – to soothingly finish the day. This will be on Facebook LIVE Monday through Friday at 9 p.m. eastern.

If you can't catch it live, you can find all lullabies listed by date under the "Kevi's Lullaby" tab.

I hope you will join me.

– don’t worry; when they reschedule the competition, I will return to preparation

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